Thomas J. Dempster :: Composer

Hot Springs, AR USA


"Updated" "frequently":

Because some funding fell through, the premier date for the double saxophone concerto in progress has been pushed back to late 2018. This will also give me a chance to set up some crowdsourcing and open up more time for consortium joinees.

After a somewhat challenging few months during summer 2017, I'm happy to say that a few more chamber pieces should be complete by the end of August -- Forest Breathing for clarinet and electronics will be complete soon, as will L’arbe Solitaire du Ténéré for bassoon quartet. In the mix is Surfacing for violin, clarinet, cello, and piano, and Invertebrate Counteropint: Second Species for solo piano. There's also a chamber orchestra piece and a few Grade 3-4 wind ensemble pieces on the way, but those won't be ready for a while yet. I did complete Compline, a short solo voice piece commissioned by Megan Ihnen back in June, and I have managed to complete an acousmatic piece, Disconnected, and will unveil an experimental work Terrae Incognitae: 1 somewhat soon.

Please check back and check on the performances page as new performances get listed.

Time flies when you're not updating your site often.

I was able to finish Among the Woodlands (formerly just "woodlands") for piano four-hands and wind ensemble, and it was premiered beautifully by the Lamar University Wind Ensemble and pianists Sujung Cho and Jacob Clark. I will eventually post a recording of it once I have it about.

In case you didn't see it on the opening/splash page, I am participating and helping form a consortium to fund the creation of a double saxophone concerto. Right now, we have three universities on board, five saxophonists, and a few more mulling it over. (I'm being dodgy with names because I am not a name-dropper, particularly when a project is in its infancy.) Read more about the project at the link I have highlighted. Please.

Can't say too much more, but I know of at least two (and possibly a third) recording projects involving my music in the wings involving works for saxophone and bassoon I've written. I'm also looking forward to a number of performances upcoming through the first half of 2017, including performances at the University of Nebraska at Kearney and Nebraska-Lincoln, as well as at IDRS in June.

At the moment, composing is taking a mild backseat to my teaching and service duties; noneteless, I have several chamber pieces in the pipeline (some songs that I need to finish, yet another solo bassoon work, works for flute/cello, violin/viola, and some electronic works are on deck, as is a likely bassoon/piano piece [finally]). Hope I can have a busy and productive summer, particularly as I will likely be at a residency for a few weeks in July. Woo hoo!

At the moment, I have unveiled this here website update (ta daaa) to the world.
I am working on woodlands for four-hand piano and wind ensemble and tidying up a cluster of chamber works before I start the next school year. I am switching jobs and therefore trying to take it somewhat easy (!) in order to plan and prep carefully and get as much composing done as possible. So, after a cluster of performances in late May / early June, I'm keeping it to one summer residency in Missouri (at the Osage Arts Community) at the end of July, and otherwise, writing, composing, prepping, thinking about some future research, and attempting to get some performances arranged through the next several months. I should also practice... maybe.
Check back in early August -- or go to my contact page and keep tabs on me on the olde Facebooks and Twitters.